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The Kelsey Awards Postponed - A Letter from the Production Team

From Kyrus Keenan Westcott & The Kelsey Awards Production Team

To The Kelsey Theatre Community:

Let me preface this letter by stating that this is not an official message from Kelsey Theatre or Mercer County Community College. This letter is the official statement from me (Kyrus Keenan Westcott) and the Kelsey Awards production team - a separate entity that work under the K2K Productions production company that has produced The Kelsey Awards for over a decade.

The Kelsey Awards for 2020 will be postponed and rescheduled for 2021. We are looking forward to celebrating The Kelsey Theatre and our theater community when it is safe to do so.

Myself and the Kelsey Awards Production Team collectively decided to cancel this year's show for multiple reasons, the main of which being the following:

1 - We wanted to ensure that The Kelsey Theatre focused their current efforts on ensuring the safety of the performers, creative team members, and audiences for the 2021 season.

2 - We wanted to ensure that the Kelsey Theatre used their time to address diversity and inclusion for people of color.

This really wasn’t an easy decision to make, because those of you who know me know that this show has been my life every summer for over ten years. While this show will continue on in the future, I think the more important adventure is to ensure that the Kelsey Theatre, and the various theaters around the state of New Jersey, does everything in their power to begin their efforts to go above and beyond for black artists all over the state.

When the time comes, we will announce further details regarding the 2021 Kelsey Awards.

Thank you for your time and patience, and we look forward to returning bigger and better in 2021!

With love,

The Kelsey Awards Production Team

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